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Eleven Female Skaters We Want Full Video Parts From!

Female pros don’t get the respect they deserve. It makes we want to pull my hair and teeth out then run them over in a big rig. Not one female skater gets even a tenth of the recognition they should get. Industry bigwigs, kids on the internet, and people that run contests, all overlook the great women skaters. They have to try much harder to get any attention from the industry at all, and being a woman in professional skateboarding isn’t a lucrative opportunity. Female skaters have to continually enter contests just to make a living because the winnings are the majority of their income. Sponsors don’t pay very much to people who don’t get much coverage and people who don’t get much coverage don’t get pro models. It seems like the only time you hear female skater’s names is when you’re people are talking about the contest circuit. Kids on the internet judge contest skaters for not allowing themselves to get creative in the streets where skating belongs. So why are women pigeonholed exclusively to that aspect of skating? How do you film a video part if you’re always travelling just to compete? Its impossible. All of these women are amazing skateboarders. As always, in no particular order, (because hierarchy (AND PATRIARCHY) is for chumps!) here are some ladies that kill it, that need to put together a full length part.

1. Leticia Bufoni

Leticia is a certified badass. Voted Brazil’s 2012 Female Skater of the Year, she kills it. She is insanely talented and utterly fearless. At only 19 years old, she has a great barrier breaking career ahead of her. Her last part was Osiris Footwear’s 2008 youth video Children of the Revolution. While this part is sick, (the ollie at Hollywood is awesome,) she has definitely come a long way and needs something more contemporary to display her immense skill.

2. Marisa Dal Santo

Marisa goes hard and she skates fast. She charges big stairs and rails with huge tricks at 1,000 miles an hour. Marisa is truly a force of nature. A tornado of raw power, commitment, love, and talent. Bikini Kill sounds an awful lot like the way she shreds. She won the gold medal in the 2011 X-Games Women’s Street contest. Her most recent part was Zero’s 2010 video “Strange World.” For not even being two minutes long, its one of the best parts in the video.

3. Alexis Sablone

Alexis made a name for herself in the classic (and a personal favorite) video Coliseum Skate Shop’s “PJ Ladd’s Wonderful Horrible Life.” She won the gold medal in the 2012 X-Games Women’s Street contest. With a mastery over both gnar and tech tricks, Alexis skates with a steezy and precise style that is all her own. The last time she had a video part all her own was PJLWHL in 2002. She also had a shared part in The Firm’s 2003 video “Can’t Stop.”

4. Hillary Thompson

Skateboarding’s first transgender skateboarder. Jenkem Magazine just released a really incredible article on Hillary that I will get more into in another post. Suffice it to say that if you don’t click on that link and read it, you are really and truly missing out and I am judging you for it. She skates so well and with such awesome drive, she is unstoppable. No rail or waist high ledge is safe. Hillary releases occasional videos on her YouTube channel, but a full part is a necessary when you see how she destroys every spot she goes to in increments generally under a minute. Her skating is fast and intense, and I wake up every day hoping she’ll have a full length part in a local North Carolina video.

5. Amelia Brodka

Amelia skates vert and transition like a champ! She skates bowls with three feet of vert like its a tech deck in a sink. She also releases short videos on Youtube on her own channel. Every photo or clip of her that surfaces is so rad. Her style is so smooth and steezy. Amelia has a lot of talent and deserves infinitely more attention.  She has also just finished directing a film about female skaters and the industry that surrounds them, titled: “Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary.” The documentary also showcases skating by women, so I feel it may be safe to assume some of her footage as well as some belonging to women in this post, is destined for the documentary. Expect it in the near future and be on the lookout for more from Amelia.

6. Lacey Baker

Lacey skates with awesome technical precision. She has so much control, and is an all terrain machine. She rips both street and park, and yet a YouTube search of her name brings up a lot contest videos. Thanks to Girls Skate Network’s YouTube Channel leaving a comment on a video of Lacey, we know she is currently in the process of filming a full street part for Pawnshop Skate Co. Which is the best damn news.

7. Vanessa Torres

Vanessa  has a very original approach with her tricks and the spots she shreds. Her style is so smooth and laid back, its like if peanut butter could do killer front boards. Vanessa’s skating is both subtle and in your face. Her most recent part was in Element’s 2007 video “This Is My Element.” It has been far too long since she released a proper street part.

8. Mimi Knoop

Mimi Knoop shreds. She skates fast and with a lot of aggression. She certainly ups the game in vert skating. While she kills it in contests all over the world, she deserves a full video part. Mimi skates so well, and is practically off the radar. Its a crime against humanity.

9. Alana Smith

Alana Smith recently became a household name for being the second girl in history to do a McTwist, and at only 12 years old. Alana kills it, even at such a young age. Shredding both vert and street she has unlimited potential. Her unfathomable skill and powerful style is addictive to watch. She has yet to release a full part, but with any luck, it will happen soon. Because damn.

10. Lizzie Armanto

Lizzie absolutely rips. She has been getting more attention recently, like in this years King Of The Road contest. She also won the Vans Combi Classic in 2010.  She skates fast and with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Her skating is so stylish and refined. There isn’t a lot she can’t do. Just watching her carve around a bowl you know she is destined for greatness. I would watch a full length part of her if it was recorded on a cell phone made in 2004, she kills it.

11. Elissa Steamer

Elissa is amazing. Everything about her is classic: she’s a legend. The fact that she is in sponsorship limbo is insane and unreal. At 37 years old, she still rips. If certain MTV show star/ skate entrepreneurs can put their name on boards and shoes well after they haven’t produced anything worthwhile on a skateboard in years, then Elissa Steamer should get pro model boards, shoes, and anything else she wants for life. If for no other reason than this.

There are so many other unreal female skaters we didn’t get to mention. For more shredding check out:

Skate Girl International

Girl’s Skate Network

Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary

Action Sports Alliance



Fancy Lad (This Is Not The New Coliseum Video) Review

Okay this video came out in May of last year. But I want to talk about it so sue me. Everything about Coliseum Skate Shop was great. The team of skaters it sadly left behind are awesome. This video features some, but not all of the Boston Massacre-ees and friends. Part homie-cam, part straightforward video, part surrealist odyssey into what arguably may be the Twilight Zone, Fancy Lad  certainly defies conventions. TINTNCV features fun, raw, weird, and intense skating and a lot of absurdity. Skating the best city in the world, the Fancy Lads do it right. They also had a rad blurb written about them in Jenkem Magazine with some badass photos. Get ready to get weird.


This Week in the Universe

This week, The Chrome Ball Incident has been posting awesome old Transworld articles on skaters and their art. He’s put up scans from the “Brain Floss” series as well as “The Hands That Bite” and “The Hands That Chew”: the articles that led up to the magazine’s creation of Brain Floss. The posts are aptly titled after mid-twentieth century Japanese art house horror films. These are really really amazing and everyone should go check them out right now. Stop reading this and go look at them now. Here’s the links: Jigoku | Hausu.

Welcome back assuming you followed my instructions and went to Chrome Ball and looked at all the beautiful art and eloquent words!

In other news, Ben Raybourn may never leave Thrasher Magazine’s home page again. After getting the cover of the March issue, as well as a Magnified segment, a part for the site, and unfortunately a Hall of Meat segment. There’s already whispers about a Skater of the Year nomination and we’re only a few days into March. Then again… he deserves it.

Quartersnacks posted a short note about “Dog” a really awesome re-edit video by The Tennyson Corporation of b-roll footage from “Pretty Sweet” and other assorted clips.  Here, the legendary guys who are getting a little older and only had a handful of tricks in “Pretty Sweet” have full parts. And it is really something else. Please stop reading this jibberish and watch it here:


Transworld Awards & Perpetual Motion Premier

The annual Transworld Skateboarding Magazine Awards Ceremony was held, and they premiered their newest video “Perpetual Motion” on Thursday evening.

Guy Mariano won both the “Reader’s Choice” and “Best Video Part” Awards as he right well ought have. After barely missing Thrasher’s “Skater of the Year” Award, Guy finally got some recognition for his immortal part in “Pretty Sweet.” Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Gilbert Crockett won the “Best Rookie” Award

DGK won the “Best Team” Award, after delivering “Parental Advisory,” a video that really showcased how talented their skaters are, and their first video despite the company being over ten years old. Not a bad result for their first video.

Chocolate/ Girl won the “Best Video” Award for their co-video: “Pretty Sweet”

Finally, Tommy Guerrero won the well deserved “TWS Legend” Award.

The premier of “Perpetual Motion,” Transworld’s 25th video took place after the awards were received. This one featuring: Silas Baxter-Neal, Jimmy Carlin, Julian Davidson, Walker Ryan, Tom Remillard, and Josh Matthews and directed by Jon Holland and Chris Thiessen.



Blood Wizard’s “Wizard Bloody Wizard” Review

“Wizard Bloody Wizard” premiered on Thrasher Magazine’s website February 14th, 2013. It is insane. It is gnarly. It is unreal. It’s a full course of piping hot shredding. It will burn a hole through your plate, table, and floorboards. Crusty, crooked North Western pavement and huge San Francisco hills run in the team’s collective veins. The skating is raw and captivating, the editing is beautiful, exciting, original, and refreshing. The filming is biting and sharp (a lot like the spots they skate!) Every single skater in the video needs more coverage. The music selection  absolutely fits perfectly with the skating it is layered under; eclectic but also divine like cheese, tomato, and bread (Yup that was a pizza reference.. Yup.) I won’t babble too long about how every skater destroyed the craziest, most dilapidated, and in some cases weird spots because I think I’ve already made that obvious. That and just look at the title. It’s called “Wizard Bloody Wizard.”  The team also killed Thrasher’s Double Rock park. That is a must watch as well.

All you need to know is that the video is a great combination of street and transition crushing every spot, with impossible speed AND control. This video really kills it. It is serious.