Blood Wizard’s “Wizard Bloody Wizard” Review

“Wizard Bloody Wizard” premiered on Thrasher Magazine’s website February 14th, 2013. It is insane. It is gnarly. It is unreal. It’s a full course of piping hot shredding. It will burn a hole through your plate, table, and floorboards. Crusty, crooked North Western pavement and huge San Francisco hills run in the team’s collective veins. The skating is raw and captivating, the editing is beautiful, exciting, original, and refreshing. The filming is biting and sharp (a lot like the spots they skate!) Every single skater in the video needs more coverage. The music selection  absolutely fits perfectly with the skating it is layered under; eclectic but also divine like cheese, tomato, and bread (Yup that was a pizza reference.. Yup.) I won’t babble too long about how every skater destroyed the craziest, most dilapidated, and in some cases weird spots because I think I’ve already made that obvious. That and just look at the title. It’s called “Wizard Bloody Wizard.”  The team also killed Thrasher’s Double Rock park. That is a must watch as well.

All you need to know is that the video is a great combination of street and transition crushing every spot, with impossible speed AND control. This video really kills it. It is serious.





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