Transworld Awards & Perpetual Motion Premier

The annual Transworld Skateboarding Magazine Awards Ceremony was held, and they premiered their newest video “Perpetual Motion” on Thursday evening.

Guy Mariano won both the “Reader’s Choice” and “Best Video Part” Awards as he right well ought have. After barely missing Thrasher’s “Skater of the Year” Award, Guy finally got some recognition for his immortal part in “Pretty Sweet.” Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Gilbert Crockett won the “Best Rookie” Award

DGK won the “Best Team” Award, after delivering “Parental Advisory,” a video that really showcased how talented their skaters are, and their first video despite the company being over ten years old. Not a bad result for their first video.

Chocolate/ Girl won the “Best Video” Award for their co-video: “Pretty Sweet”

Finally, Tommy Guerrero won the well deserved “TWS Legend” Award.

The premier of “Perpetual Motion,” Transworld’s 25th video took place after the awards were received. This one featuring: Silas Baxter-Neal, Jimmy Carlin, Julian Davidson, Walker Ryan, Tom Remillard, and Josh Matthews and directed by Jon Holland and Chris Thiessen.




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