Fancy Lad (This Is Not The New Coliseum Video) Review

Okay this video came out in May of last year. But I want to talk about it so sue me. Everything about Coliseum Skate Shop was great. The team of skaters it sadly left behind are awesome. This video features some, but not all of the Boston Massacre-ees and friends. Part homie-cam, part straightforward video, part surrealist odyssey into what arguably may be the Twilight Zone, Fancy Lad  certainly defies conventions. TINTNCV features fun, raw, weird, and intense skating and a lot of absurdity. Skating the best city in the world, the Fancy Lads do it right. They also had a rad blurb written about them in Jenkem Magazine with some badass photos. Get ready to get weird.



5 responses to “Fancy Lad (This Is Not The New Coliseum Video) Review”

  1. bobmarket says :

    Reblogged this on Seduction Of The Indie Kids and commented:
    fancy lad features a friend of mine, dave vey, who’s rad. to the max. love to see the crew getting good press.

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