Lookback Library is coming to town!

Oh gosh……. it’s been a while.

You dear reader, should look at this .jpg poster to see if the Lookback Library is coming to your town!


Lookback Library is a San Diego based non-profit organization dedicated to “…preserve printed skateboard materials, promote literacy, & build publicly accessible skateboard magazine libraries.”

Not only do they have a bunch of magazines already, but they are also always looking for donations for more magazines, books, and zines! They are currently traveling with an exhibit of classic issues of Big Brother, Skateboarder, PowerEdge, and Slap, therefore the exhibition was aptly titled: “BrotherBoarderPowerSlap” (though when I went to it, there were also copies of TransWorld, Thrasher, Lowcard, Focus, Skate Jawn and more.)  

Want to ask about starting a library at your local shop? Have your zine distributed to a wider audience than your immediate friends, shop family, and Kinko’s employees? Just shoot the breeze with a bunch of skate nerds like yourself?

You can contact the Lookback Library in the following ways:

Kevin Marks 619-702-3523


or @lookbacklibrary on instagramaphone


This is one of the best things to happen to skateboarding in a long while. If this is coming to your area it’s a must see. If it isn’t, get in touch with them and try to make something happen.


We got one of those Twitter things people like so much!

This is how we use it right?

This is how we use it right?

It’s in the developing stages so far, but we made one of those Twitter things to blast more skateboarding information into your skulls! You can find us with the handle @CuttingtheStone.

There’s been some wild stuff happening, so let’s round it up shall we?

Sk8Mafia and Thrasher teamed up to release a wild shared part between Wes Kramer and Tyler Surrey called “Pack of Hydes”  that also includes some teaser footage for the upcoming full length of the rest of the team that you don’t want to miss either (more Smolik footage please!?!).  The Exposure 2014 women’s benefit contest was held in Encinitas, California last week and Transworld was there to cover it. Lizzie Armanto continued her winning streak, winning both the Pro Bowl and Vert events. Jenkem Magazine released interviews with both Gino Iannucci on his move from Chocolate to Fucking Awesome, and Austyn Gillette. They also released an amazing edit filmed by Sean Colello and starring Rob Miceli of skating exclusively in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. 

Finally, the skateboarding gods opened up the sky for a brief moment and dropped a new Chrome Ball Incident interview upon us. This time with Ryan Fabry. Thanks for doing what you do Chops!

Photo Courtesy of The Chrome Ball Incident

See you all soon in the twitterverse!



Eight Socio-Political Board Graphics

There’s thousands of skate companies out there in the world, and all of them need graphics for their decks, ads, and clothes.  Most companies make graphics that simply look cool, or at very least will sell. However, sometimes skaters, artists, or whole companies want graphics that have much deeper meaning than simply appropriating pop culture or bloodstained swords and skulls. Here is a list of some of the best and most intense political board graphics.

c5683e_b8fa0aa0b48eaee5c387f2aa010ae0f11. Jim Thiebaud “Hanging Klansmen” Series by Real Skateboards

Few skateboard graphics in history have been as intense or iconic as the Hanging Klansmen series. Starting Real Skateboards gave Thiebaud more creative control over his graphics than he had been afforded at Powell. This graphic is so powerful and biting in it’s criticism. Though the KKK may seem irrelevant in modern America, they have gone through various resurgence periods in this country and remain a real threat today. Thiebaud makes huge statements with these boards, going places in terms of ideology that no one else has touched since with board graphics. The graphic in the center depicts our government being allies with the most despicable organization in America, and calls for people to throw a wrench in the gears of the system. The Hanging Klansmen series forces us to think about racism and urges to fight and destroy it.


image on left credit: intpart.blogspot.com, others from various online shops

2. Pigs Series by Enjoi

While most  big skate companies tend to release more “safe” graphics that don’t offend to widen their audience and therefore their profit margins, this is not enjoi’s prerogative. Despite being a company managed by business-minded, non-skateboarder “Dark Men” enjoi isn’t afraid to make socio-political graphics. They use their classic brand of humor to critique big business, communist dictators, America and it’s two-party system; nothing is safe from their art direction. Using the pig imagery as a common theme, enjoi associates each of these topics with the same negative connotation.

aws exalt

Art by Mike Hill “Exalt the new God”

3. Alien Workshop’s Art Direction

From day one, Alien Workshop (RIP) made iconic socio-political graphics criticizing government and media/ big business.  Using science fiction imagery, Workshop made clever, poignant, and often funny graphics to  make points about, or draw attention to political corruption, apathy, misinformation, the power of media, and society’s lust for entertainment rather than information. Later on, after Alien’s fall from grace they did a collaboration board with Alex Jones’ asinine conspiracy theory perpetuating libertarian website InfoWars. *shudder* How the mighty have fallen.

Art by Mark McKee

Art by Mark McKee

4. Jason Lee “American Icons” Board by Blind

The only company that rivaled World Industries’ social and political commentary graphics in the 1990’s was Blind (both of which were part of Steve Rocco’s World Industries Distribution). This deck is without a doubt their most iconic socio-political graphic with  Keenan Milton’s “Kid in Dump” being a contentious honorable mention. Between the name of the graphic and the accompanying imagery, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

vallely barnyard group_edited-1

Art by Mark McKee

5. Mike Vallely “Barnyard” Board by World Industries

Another World board. This graphic critiques animal cruelty, slaughterhouses, and the immense pollution they produce. This board, with it’s pro vegan message calls for animal liberation. Mike was Vegetarian when this board was released (is he still? We’re not sure!) But he’s the new singer for “Black Flag” so anything is possible. As animal rights lovers here at CTS, we recommend you click the image of the board below this text to check out The Vegan Skate Blog. The perfect combination of skateboarding and plant based goodness!

Art by Ed Templeton

6. “Bury the Hatchet” board by Toy Machine

A little more “socio-” and not as “political” but, Ed Templeton is a visionary and this graphic belongs on this list. This graphic satirizes people that take religion so seriously, by suggesting the notion that the Devil and Jesus: the pinnacle of mortal enemies in all of existence, put aside their differences to become friends. If Jesus can befriend Satan, maybe those that fear him can too.


Art by Sean Cliver

7.  “Liberty and Justice for Some” board by Powell Peralta

This graphic was originally designed as a pro model for Ray Barbee, but was ultimately scrapped to a team model because Ray didn’t want his name on anything controversial.  Powell Peralta generally shied away from tendentious imagery, making this board rather unique.  The graphic gives voice to how institutional racism in America perpetuates judicial (and by extention financial) inequality among it’s citizens.

Art by Mark McKee

Art by Mark McKee

8. Chico Brenes “Run for the Border” Board by World Industries

Always willing to push the limit or do something totally different, 90’s era World Industries really needs no introduction. Chico originally immigrated to the U.S. illegally in 1985 with his family from Nicaragua, to escape the violence occurring between the Contras and the country’s government. This board came out exactly ten years later in 1995. This graphic shows how terrifying and dangerous illegal immigration is. The board is scary to even look at. Depicting the teddy bear twice on the board visually portrays that people have to sacrifice things that are beloved, treasured, or meaningful to find a better life or even just to stay alive. In 1999 World did another illegal immigration themed pro board for Mike Crum, paying tribute to this graphic by reusing some of the same imagery. But this one will always be the classic.


We’re back! Again!

Wow! Saying we’re back last September was a terrible idea! Because this is the first post since! A lot has happened (sound familiar?) but the dust has settled and we’re going to just pick right back up (again). So, Thrasher released Jake Johnson’s brain melting Static IV part, you can purchase the whole video at their website. Orchard Skate Shop premiered a fabulous video called “Stone Soup” featuring some of Boston’s finest skating on Thrasher’s website and YouTube channel. In other news, TransWorld Skateboarding upgraded their website, Chris Cole left Zero Skateboards and is currently up in the air in sponsorship limbo. Tumblr skartist legend Leon Karssen made some hilariously sweet video game inspired .gifs of your favorite pros for Jenkem Magazine. Unfortunately, as you’ve undoubtedly already heard, Alien Workshop recently went belly up. It’s a hard pill to swallow that the Workshop and DNA Distribution are gone, but thankfully Habitat did manage to find a new distribution home at Tum Yeto. Jenkem has a great interview with Brennan Conroy: Habitat’s Team Manager and filmer about how the deal came to be, and what the last days at DNA were like. To commemorate this new chapter in company’s history, Habitat released a video with the best music supervision of a skate clip ever. Just ask Frozen In Carbonite.

I’ve been waiting years for that song to be in a skate video.

This time for real we’ll be back soon with way more cool exciting stuff! It took a long time to get all the previously promised cool exciting stuff to come to fruition. Stick around!



We’re Back Baby!

bender-futureramaWelcome back! Sorry it’s been so long! Here we are in season two! There will be some neat stuff coming soon! We promise! Until then here’s some .gifs from the new Emerica video “Made” starring Leo Romero, Jeremy Leabres, Colin Provost, Brandon Westgate, and a very special guest skater.

You can download the video to your computermajig for as little as $1 here or better yet, go to your local shop and buy the DVD.

We will have much more coming soon! Cheers!


Thank You.

Hello there!

When I first started Cutting The Stone, I wasn’t expecting to get much interest, with all the amazing skateboarding related blogs out there on this big old science fiction-like infinity that is the internet, I really never expected people to want to read what I had to say. However, you have showed me how wrong I was, in the short amount of time that CTS has existed, thousands of people from right here in the U.S. to as far away as Serbia, Vietnam, Norway, and Indonesia, (just to name a few) have visited and read (occasional people even posted a comment! Web 2.0 is crazy!) Its amazing how skateboarding is such a unifying lifestyle. Really all I can say is thank you so much. I’m glad you all share the love for skating that I have. I really appreciate everything you have done, you are all incredibly awesome.  Now comes a new beginning; a season two of Cutting The Stone. It is going to branch out to more than just miscellaneous news flashes and snarky musings. We have some cool stuff planned so please stick around. I can’t say thank you enough.

I’ll let you get back to your life and leaving you with this parting video of Pyramid Country’s otherworldly (in terms of how surreal, and how insanely awesome it is!) promo: Couchlock Odyssey

Now go out and skate. See you soon!


Somewhere In The Between


Skateboarding is an awful lot like life. Its stressful, chaotic, painful, and fun. We experience birth and death, and the gradual transition between the two. We take our first wobbly baby steps and pushes that immerse us into lifelong journeys. First kickflips are like first loves. Each trip to the hospital is like a death in the family- a pain that though traumatizing, does fade overtime. Spots and friendship’s can become a bust as the years pass, people and places that were once hallowed, can wash away like a sandcastle. As we age and creep closer to the end, we have to be more and more careful; choosing our battles so we don’t lose our way too soon. John Rattray said that skateboarding is a celebration of “pain and pleasure- not at the same time but hand in hand.”  Beyond that however, his words ring true about us simply existing. Both skateboarding and life have their ups and downs, and despite how successful we are at either, its important to make the best out of what it is that we have. At the bitter end skateboarding is about expressing yourself and experiencing personal growth, and doing it all with your friends.